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Limpeza e Permeância de feltros

Limpeza e Monitoramento da Umidade e Permeância de Feltros

Prolongue a vida de feltros e telas, e mantenha a qualidade do produto final utilizando sistema de limpeza e de monitoramento online da umidade e da permeância.

Scanner products for the entire papermaking process

Reliability in extreme conditions

All of our products have been developed to especialli high reliability requirements. This includes their materials, components, structural design, and operation design.

Fastpap products are a small, almost invisible part of your process, but they make a great difference to its runnability and productivity.

Easy installation and maintenance

Thanks to their simple, compact structure, Fastpap products are easy to install into an existing process, even in tight places, and they require only minimal maintenance.

Simple maintenance procedures, such as mozzle replacement, can be performed while the paper machine is running.

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